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02 network down ?

apparantly o2 have said that this is all due to theft and vandalism in east london but yet people are saying this is not true and this is what has happend "There has been a network failure at a YATEs point where construction work has knocked off the power. The whole of the O2 network in the UK is having problems due to this" what actually happend? and does it come back on today, my mobile internet is fine but i cant make any calls not even to people that arn't on the same network and also i cant text
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Re: 02 network down ?

If the whole of the UK is around the affected areas, then I must be abroad. No issues this morning in North West Wales.
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Re: 02 network down ?

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No problem here in West Yorkshire either!
http://blog.o2.co.uk/home/2011/05/netwo ... pdate.html
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Re: 02 network down ?

ok thankyou for the reply Smiley Happy
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Re: 02 network down ?

Official Update from O2

We sincerely apologise to affected customers and will update progress regularly. We continue working hard to address the issue affecting services in parts of N and E London, Kent and E Sussex. This was caused by theft and vandalism at one of our operations sites in E London

We are continuing to work incredibly hard to restore service.
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Re: 02 network down ?

No problem in The Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire.