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I have been a customer of yours for some time after a friend convinced me to switch from EE. This has been one of the worst decisions I have made. 
As anyone - I use my phone every single day and when there is an issue, there is noting more inconvenient. Except, in my case, there is, your customer service and network service!
I commute from Brentwood to London Liverpool street every day for work and since being on o2, I have never been able to access anything online on my train journey into work! Ever! I mentioned this a few times and each and every time I got the answer 'Oh i don't know why that is.' As you can imagine, This doesn't help me at all! 

o2 are unreliable, hardly ever available to speak to and the majority of times that I HAVE spoken to someone, they seem very hit and miss and not sure what they are doing and suffer with lack of communication AND loss of signal A LOT of the time. 


This is just one of many, many, many problems I have had with o2. (Please feel free to listen to all of my recorded telephone calls and notes on the system regarding each and every one of my calls to you.)

But this is the one that tops it off......

I left my phone on a plane whilst on a business trip to Edinburgh from London, leaving me stranded with no form of contact with anyone and o2 had absolutely no urgency to help me.....


I have full insurance WITH o2 and they told me that they cannot send me a claim form for 24 hours and THEN they can assess my claim which will then take TWO MORE days. They had no interest in actually trying to help a customer in need and had very little urgency regarding my situation or knowledge of the procedure. I waited and waited for the claim form to come through only to be sent the wrong one! which I filled out in its entirety (Not knowing) and sent back to "Whatever email is at the top of the claim form" as instructed by the person on the phone...


24 hours later and not even so much as a confirmation email. So at this point I am still in Edinburgh with no form of contacting anyone. This meant that I then had to make contact with o2 24 hours later again in order to be kept up to date with what the process was going to be(As I had heard nothing), only to be told that 'No we haven't received anything....' 

As you can imagine, this was very upsetting to hear as I has spent a good part of my time trying to get this completed and also waiting for a response.  I was then told that I needed to send 'all of the pages separately. I mentioned that there were only 2 pages and their response was 'No No, There is A LOT more than two!!!" And so I asked for this longer form to be sent to me.. (To which I STILL have not received). I had to call back again and I was told that I could actually get hold of a handset and a SIM card in a shop for £25 refundable deposit so that I had something to make calls on. This should have been mentioned when I was in Edinburgh! At no point was I made aware of this and so I had to purchase another phone, SIM care AND credit in order to have a phone.


With not much choice remaining, I had to take myself out of work the next day and go to the nearest shop to speak to someone in an attempt to get some actual assistance! ( I spoke to Alam Sadiq on London Wall who has been very helpful and understanding and the best contact I have had with o2 thus far. )Only now has the process started. Leaving me two days with no phone and nothing being completed.


I have wanted to cancel may many many times (Which I have informed o2 of) and am always tempted in with another offer - Only to be let down again and again and again by the customer service and the service itself. 


Leaving someone in a strange city and not even informing them of their options in order to make contact with someone, is completely unacceptable. 


I am at my wits end with 02 and I do not wish to stay with them anymore due to so much hassle. I have wasted too much time and money for nothing but bad service and problems. I have submitted my claim form to 02 and its been 24 hours and not so much as a confirmation email of receipt.

It occurred on: 13/11/2018

I feel I am entitled to come form of compensation as I have spent so much of my time on the phone to 02 trying to fix an issue and with very little reward. I am so unhappy with the service. I shall leave it to o2 to explain themselves and suggest a way to make all of this trouble worth my while.


I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.


Charlotte Rose 

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Re: service

@Charlotte2018 This is not O2. This is a customer community. You need to speak to customer service, I'm afraid.


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Re: service

I am aware of this - I am simply sharing my complaint Smiley Happy

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Re: service

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Re: service

Good morning @Charlotte2018, and welcome to our Community Wave


I'm very sorry to hear about your recent experience, this is definitely not something that we want any of our Customers to go through and I will pass on your feedback to the Business so we can look into it further. I've also sent you a Private Message on the forum to get some more information, it'd be great if you could reply to it when you get the chance!

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