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iphone 6s sales soaring....apparently

So apparently the preorders for 6s are exceeding expectations in every market, according to apple.

Not too sure myself but obviously, if apple say that, it must be true, they would never lie..

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Re: iphone 6s sales soaring....apparently

Well yes, they must be.
I mean just look how much demand there has been on here alone......
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Re: iphone 6s sales soaring....apparently

I must admit to being very surprised about the limited interest we have seen this year on here. I suppose people will argue that the iPhone users have gone elsewhere for the 6S....but why would they unless everyone suddenly wants an unlocked phone? In the past the Refresh contract has been a massive crowd pleaser...

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Re: iphone 6s sales soaring....apparently

I'm guessing this is info released by Apple to generate sales. Proof is on this community alone....biggest non event of the year and not one good reason I can think of why a 6S is any better than the 6. But there are always the gullible who have to have the latest and greatest. However, numbers have diminished this year...fact!

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Re: iphone 6s sales soaring....apparently

I agree, the take up and number of disgruntled customers this year falls far short of the huge numbers last year, myself one of them. Personally I can't justify the buy out cost of my refresh contract for what I consider to be 'nice to have 3D touch' but it's not going to improve my life significantly. I'm happy to wait until next year and see what the iP7+ has to offer.
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