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booster box

I purchased a new unused o2 booster box on ebay because I have at best 1 bar at home and usualy none, No help at all from o2 with problem, them saying my fault as they make no promises as to phone signal, and yes they know of signal problems in area. I set up booster box and all ok so just contact o2 as instructions in user guide and lo and behold they refuse to register phone with boost box because it was not purchased direct from them! Any ideas from anyone? 

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Re: booster box

The box is useless to you.
They are only for business contracts and have to be approved by O2.
Yours may not even be genuine and could severely effect the network in your surrounding area.
Send it back for a refund.
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Re: booster box

@victors You've been had by the eBay seller. It is illegal to sell them. O2 are within their rights. If the seller refuses to refund you, escalate the claim to eBay.


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Re: booster box

You’ve been done up like a kipper I’m afraid. Get your money back 

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Re: booster box

You should be able to return it to the seller and get your money back. Contact eBay directly if the seller refuses.