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Re: Your experience with O2 Stores

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It's just the lack of enthusiasm and interest shown by the staff that has bothered me the most on the last handful of occassions I have been into a store. The O2 store in Leamington used to be really good with enthusiastic and helpful staff.  These days they don't seem interested at all, and have next to no knowledge of phones except for the latest Apple or Samsung. Is it a training thing?  Are they told to push customers towards the more expensive handsets?  All speculation, but something isn't quite right.


I remember going in and asking for information on using my phone abroad as I was going on holiday and the sales assistant literally couldn't give a damn and fobbed me off.  The store was fairly quiet, so it;s not like they were over-busy. 


As I said though, I haven't personally been in an O2 store now for over a year, even then it was only to see what phones were around and what they felt like to hold.  It's probably at least 2½ years since I went in requiring specific assistance.


I have no doubt there are O2 shop staff out there who are really good at their job and do it with enthusiasm.  I've just not experienced that with O2 staff for years now.  A lot of it coincided with the introduction of the so-called O2 Gurus.


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Re: Your experience with O2 Stores

Cheers for your additional views @welshsteve76, much appreciated. 

And thank you @pgn for the thorough description of your local stores! thumbsup Which area was this? Smiley Happy

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