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Yet another hacked account

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I seem to be yet another of many who have had their account hacked. I had a new

HTC One Unlimited 24M 1GB CCA handset ordered without me knowing about it. The only reason I found out was because the scammer reported the SIM card on the account lost so they deactivated the card and my phone stopped working. What really shocked me was that the scammer had managed to phone O2, pretend he was me, change the account details including e-mail address and postal address, guess my mother's maiden name which is a very unusual name, and then order a new phone on an unlimited 24 month contract without raising any suspicion?! I am very cautious when it comes to on-line security and my password is only known to me and only used for this account. I can only conclude that O2 are culpable here. Either their security checks are rubbish or someone from O2 is letting this information out.

I was told that in 8 days a member of the fraud team would contact me. It didn't happen. I ended up phoning them. I wasted hours on the chat line which was a complete waste of time, spoke to a number of customer service people with varying success. However, the fraudulent order is still sitting on my account having been delivered to some **bleep** who collected and signed for the phone from another address

And my monthly bill is still incorrect. O2 need to really wake up and sharpen their game up.




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Re: Yet another hacked account

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Oh dear, it goes on and on you have my sympathy, I'm beginning to think this is due to a less than honest member of staff allowing someone to phone in and make these account changes.


O2 will make your account straight but the fraud department aren't exactly greased lightning, I would expect it to take around 2 - 3 months before they complete it.


When it happened to me I informed O2 within 5 minutes of the order email coming through, but they still sent the phone out a couple of days later, to an address which is still in my account a year and a half later.


Please let us know how you get on.



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Re: Yet another hacked account

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Please also take the time to report this identity theft to the police via action fraud http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

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Re: Yet another hacked account

If O2 want to save money why dont they put a stop to this fraud FFS Smiley Mad


STOP allowing people to ring up & change address over the phone, MAKE them go in to an O2 store with photo id for the new address & LOG IT ON THE SYSTEM WITH A PHOTOCOPY OF THE INFO.


Allowing someone to change address, start a new contract & order a expensive phone surely rings alarm bells?


O2 this fraud is so simple to put a stop to but you just cant be bothered Smiley Mad


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Re: Yet another hacked account

And wouldn't it be better if this thread was moved to the main "Hacked Account" thread as requested last night ?