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Worth the wait for an iPhone 12 Pro

Hi, has anyone waited to get their iPhone 12 pro and felt it was / was not worth the wait.  At the moment the wait on the PRO is up to 6 weeks dependant upon the colour, and I am trying to work out if its worth the wait.


Its the telephoto lens that attracting me.  We holiday quite a lot and I take loads of landscapes etc, so thought I woudl get quite a lot of use from it. 


Im usually quite impatient to get my new phone, but on this occassion, I am thinking I should be patient to get what I want.


Ive currently got the XR, so I think it will be quite a good upgrade for me :-)


Thoughts / comments please



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Re: Worth the wait for an iPhone 12 Pro

Apparently it is a big improvement all round so well worth the wait

There is always a shortage of availability around this time of year for all Apple products