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Which iPhone

Anybody got any knowledge on iPhone 12 and the 12 pro? Is there much difference in the two?
I work for the nhs as a nurse o2 aren’t giving offers on the 12 pro only the 12 or the pro max and I think the Max might be too big?
I have the XS Max now but find this a little too big at times

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Re: Which iPhone

Hello @Nurse21
I've got the 12 Pro Max at the moment . At first , coming from the Samsung S10 + it seemed big but after a month of using it as a daily driver I can tell you it is not that bad , you can get used to it .
Battery wise i can tell you it is worth it as the battery lasts a full day easily maybe 2 if you're lucky . Smiley Happy)
The biggest difference you should take into consideration is the camera . The camera on the Max Pro is the best they have at the moment . and the lidar scanner helps the focus be almost instant .
My opinion is to go for the Max Pro even if it seems a bit to big