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What SIM mode are the new SE and XR?

Does anyone know what sort of SIM mode the new SE and XR have. Ideally I'd like 


'Dual SIM Dual Active (DSFA)

This implementation allows you to make phone calls from both SIM cards inside your smartphone. It can also receive calls on either of the two SIM cards, at the same time. Both SIM cards are permanently active.'




'Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)

A hybrid between Dual SIM Standby and Dual SIM Dual Active. They are both active only if you are not using them. If the SIM cards are both in Standby mode, you can make and receive calls on any of them. However, once you take a call on one SIM card, the other becomes inactive until the first card is no longer being used.'


Or are they both 'Dual SIM Passive (DSS):

A Dual SIM Passive phone can use two different SIM cards, but only one of them can be active at any time. That means that when one SIM card works, the other is unreachable. To use the second SIM card, you need to activate it manually, and the first SIM deactivates when you do that.'


Info from https://onecom.co.uk/1-phone-2-numbers-benefits-of-a-dual-sim-phone/


Thank you

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Re: What SIM mode are the new SE and XR?

DSDS https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT209044
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