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i wanted to upgrade early from iPhone 4s to LG G4 and I was very unhappy with the advisor. Being a loyal customer for 2years I never made a complaint or asked for anything. Looking into all options Carphone Warehouse are doing a deal with O2 network 1GB, unlimited text/minutes for £32.50 and O2 site are charging £37.50. I don't get it.... Do I need to wait for my contract to end and go through Carphone Warehouse... Or should I choose LG spirit for less money but with all the extra as I mentioned for £27.00. What happened to customers service!!

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Re: Upgrade

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Hi @Anonymous Sorry to hear you are unhappy with O2 customer services. We can't advise what option you should take .....it really is up to you. If you stick with O2, the benefit is, you go on a Refresh contract...something you can't get from CPW. With them you will have a 24month contract.....


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Re: Upgrade

Unfortunately O2 no longer offer any loyalty rewards, so we recommend users go with the company that has the best offer to suit them (tariff, costs, length etc).

As @Cleoriff says though with carphone warehouse you are on a 24 month contract which will stay at the same rate after 24 months unless you upgrade again. At least with O2 refresh you can pay off your handset anytime and then you're free to leave or upgrade again.