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Upgrade with gifts


Hi all,


I'm looking to upgrade soon and seen a deal with carphone warehouse on 02 for a s8 which includes the vr headset. They also sell the 360 camera so im wanting to see if they will add that in without adding more to the upfront cost (i know if it happened the monthly cost would increase). 


Honestly i dont want to phone up and ask cause i know i will be offered all sorts of deals if they cant do that so does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Re: Upgrade with gifts

No idea what CPW will offer you tbh mate.
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Re: Upgrade with gifts

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@stevec1990 Whatever deal you get with Carphone Warehouse is separate and distinct from any deal that O2 would offer you directly. This is an O2 customer community, and as such, only personal advice could be offered, which probably wouldn't help you much in making any decision.


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Re: Upgrade with gifts

Tbh, I doubt they'd chuck in a gear 360 without upfront cost.
Unlike the gear vr, the 360 costs more than a fair bit to make and cpw to buy in.

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Re: Upgrade with gifts

You don't ask you don't get but I'm fairly sure what the answer will be....