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Thanks O2 and the O2 forum

I wanted to thank the forum and O2.


I was recently very lucky enough to win the JBL Tune 120 wireless earphone competition run by the forum. I am pleased to say that they have arrived and after waiting all of about 5 minutes after receiving them got them up and running. 


I have to to say they are very very good and the sound is brilliant. Having now used a set of true wireless earphones I will never(in fact won’t have to now 😊) go back to earphones with wires. 


Thye are incredibly easy to set up, charge, and use and are so much more convenient than having wires around your neck. 


The quality of of the audio is very very good and the bass is awesome. 


I know I won them but I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a new set of earphones. The price point is very good as well.


I would also like to say thanks to Martin and Emilie  who have worked hard to get the prize out to me.


All in all I am a very happy chappie. 


Thanks again the forum and O2


Enjoy the the sun whilst it’s here and have a great weekend all.

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Re: Thanks O2 and the O2 forum

Hi @jezza1234 

What a great post.

Thanks for the feedback and so pleased you are enjoying the earphones.

I'm sure @Martin-O2 @EmilieT  and @Marjo  will also be happy to hear your good news thumbsup

*The Game Is On*

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Re: Thanks O2 and the O2 forum

Hey @jezza1234 


Great to hear the feedback on the e/phones.

Very pleased that you are enjoying them.

Also couldn't be nicer to win them what a lovely prize.

Best wishes TallTrees

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Re: Thanks O2 and the O2 forum

Brilliant. Thanks for the review and enjoy.
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Re: Thanks O2 and the O2 forum

So happy to hear you've received the earphones and are loving them @jezza1234 smiley

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