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Suggestions If you loose your Sim Card and Phone

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I was thinking if there would be a feature in the future where you can report your Sim Card as lost or stolen on your MyO2 and online?

If you loose your Sim Card then you can cancel it online?

Like Banking Apps if you loose your Bank Card you can block it till you can find it if not you can request a new bank card.

So you would get a replacement SIM Card If it was lost or stolen.

Possible also blocking your phone online if you was to ever loose it or it was stolen.

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Re: Suggestions If you loose your Sim Card and Phone

A good suggestion, one that has been made before, I think.

Alas, O2 like you to call them about such matters - possibly because they have no permanently-staffed web presence, or so they can deal with it promptly.

Here's the Community Guide to help you out, in the interim.

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Re: Suggestions If you loose your Sim Card and Phone

@FriendlyGamer31 I could have sworn I had replied to this already, apologies for the delay! We did pass this feedback on, and if there's any update on it we'll let you know Smiley Happy

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