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So I upgraded my handset

So after a while I finally upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB. I find it easy to use and quick enough which is all good. Battery life is good especially in middle settings. 


The cameras are ok I suppose although that was not my main reason. The model I have uses the Exynos chipset rather than Snapdragon 855 as in the rest of the world. I will post some photographs when I get a chance. If possible I also want to get myself a Oneplus 7(T) Pro in the future.


News feeds are now showing Galaxy S11 in the rumour feeds too.


What I have found on use of it so far, everything you do is quick. Occasionally it will pause when swapping or losing connection to a 4G network. Wi-Fi performance over my broadband yields 110Mbps down and 10Mbps up.


Performance wise  when using AnTuTu 8 benchmark it ranks in the top 15 . 3DMark by UL Benchmarks also yields good results. Only Snapdragon 855 Plus and faster processors will dwarf it slightly alas we all know synthetic numbers are all conjecture.


Swapping between apps is quick using the III icon which is always good.


Anyway back to Samsung again. Only took me 5 years.

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Re: So I upgraded my handset

I’d love to give Samsung a go, but I’m so skeered to leave iMessage behind!
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Re: So I upgraded my handset

I recently moved from iPhone to Android, I do miss Apple features like iMessage and find my friends (yes I know you can do this via Google Maps, but its not as straight forward). My biggest regret (or bug bear) is you simply cannot find any wearable which is like the Apple Watch, this is something Apple have got spot on and sadly Wear OS is some pace behind.
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Re: So I upgraded my handset

Congratulations on your new handset, and good to hear you like it! Smiley Happy

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