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Smoothest Number Port Ever

Hi All


Wanted to keep my number and move to O2 after suffering with bad signal on previous network and thanks to new mast built in village which does O2 and Vodafone.


I can't believe how amazingly quick and easy the porting your number process was! less than 24 hours everything is working as expected.  Remember doing number ports years ago which took almost a week!!


Nice job O2


Very Impressed



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Re: Smoothest Number Port Ever

Pleased it went well for you.
I'm sure or community managers will feedback for you, @Marjo @EmilieT @Martin-O2
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Re: Smoothest Number Port Ever

Brilliant @AztecUK 

Thanks for letting us know ~ relieved

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Re: Smoothest Number Port Ever

Porting mid-week always helps too.

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Re: Smoothest Number Port Ever

Excellent news @AztecUK 

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Re: Smoothest Number Port Ever

I'm glad you found the process smooth and easy @AztecUK ! We'll feed this back into the team. cool


Welcome to O2 and the community! laughing

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