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Samsung galaxy fold pre order packages

Hi any feed back on when you can pre order a samsung fold and what kind of packages my contract finishes in march
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Re: Samsung galaxy fold pre order packages

@Johnharvey  Found this on a Google search: https://www.t3.com/news/samsung-galaxy-x-fold-release-date-price-uk

It won't be released in Europe until May, and you're going to need a very deep pocket to be able to afford one.


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Re: Samsung galaxy fold pre order packages

@Chris_K is the only one who would know for o2 orders. 

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Re: Samsung galaxy fold pre order packages

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Hi @Johnharvey , and welcome to the forum Wave


All the information we have on the recently announced Samsung devices is here; at the moment, here is what we know about the Galaxy Fold:


Q. Samsung announced a 5G enabled S10 and the Galaxy Fold. Will you get these?
A. We’ll let you know more information about these as and when we get it.


I hope this helps, and thanks @Bambino and @MI5 for helping out Smiley Happy

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Re: Samsung galaxy fold pre order packages

I am checking every day for updates on Galaxy Fold, i am hoping o2 will stock these phones. For me im just bored of every other phone looking and doing same as others im ready for that next thing and Galaxy Fold is it. Not only that but i wont need to buy a tablet as well