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SMS codes for Bank transactions

Mostly I use my computer and not smart phone except for calls.   However, now the bank wants to send an SMS code to confirm transactions.  Sometimes, these come through as expected, but increasingly, no requested SMS turns up at all, so I have to cancel the transaction, often many times.  I then phone O2 who send a checking code and immediately it is received, along with all the other failed and now useless bank codes.  It is like some sort of backlog which is released by the O2 code each time I request help.


Has anyone a suggestion as to why this is happening - my bank must be getting suspicious of all the cancelled activity.  I see on this forum that delayed messages can be a problem, but when an SMS is needed immediately for transactions, then this is not acceptable.

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Re: SMS codes for Bank transactions


Try these tips Guide: Text Message Tips (not sent or received) 

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