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Re: S10 5G pre order



As these two networks are the only two with 5G coverage (Vodafone is currently running a live test in a Birmingham train station) it saves someone going back after buying the handset and complaining it doesn't work on 5G which it won't of course if you are using it on Three or O2 or are outside of a EE or Vodafone 5G coverage area but I'd imagine that both are now engaged in an aggressive roll out programme so it'll expand rapidly.


To be fair to O2 their strategy when rolling out new networks seems to be to let their competitors experience the 'teething problems' of running a limited production network so that when they start roll out some of the bugs in the firmware and hardware have been found and ironed out but it can be seen as slow by those eager to get their hands on the tech.


A better strategy to my mind considering the costs involved but can be frustrating for some of course.



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