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Re: Roaming charges

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As with all things "Brexit" related there are lots of romour schroumers around.


No one really knows the answer to this one but........


The mobile operators will have the option to re introduce roaming charges when we leave the EU in March.

As previously said in here some networks have already said that they are unlikley to re introduce them.

O2 as always hasn't broken cover and they are probably likley to wait and see what others do.


In MY OWN opinion I think it would be very unlikley that the charges will be re intorduced as it would be a universally unpopular thing and of course would be a two way street in that visitors to the UK would also be subject to re introduced charges.


In addition these are the sort of things that will, likley as not, be included in any negotiated deal with the EU(of which there will be one), the same as driving licences, vehicle insurance etc which technically will also end next March meaning that our UK driving licences will no longer be EU ones and that the current vehicle insurance agreements in place that allow us to use our vehicles across the EU for short periods without green cards(remember those?) and additional charges will also technically end.


Let's face it none of us know and let's be honest in the greater scheme of things being able to use your phone abroad for 2 weeks every year(if you go to "Europe") for your jollies  is quite a minor thing given all that is going on in the world....wink

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Re: Roaming charges

Will this really have an effect on anyone's holiday? Unlikely, just switch the damn phone off  and enjoy the sunshine and sangria or whatever drink you fancy. Do you really need to post on social media that you are in Tenerife and more to the point, will anybody miss you for 2 weeks? Maybe best to let your younguns know beforehand that their aunt will feed them and put them to bed... or send them a postcard. Do people still send postcards? Must be easier than wondering how much it costs to show off to the 439 'friends' on Faceache that you wouldn't know if you knocked them down!

Are we still on topic?