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Ripped Off!

Hi to All,

This is more of a warning to others. Be Careful when getting a new mobile from an o2 shop and not the Internet. I didn't realise they were two different companies! I recently had an issue where I thought I was getting a 1gig, Unlimited Minutes and Unlimited Texts deal as I had seen on the o2 website. I had looked on the o2 website and found out I had only 3 months to go on my plan, so looking on the 'net I found my nearest shop. I paid the fee to refresh and upgraded to the HTC 650 (from 510) and was led to believe that I would get the above deal; I told the guy in the shop about it and he found the deal on the 'net. It wasn't until I checked my up and coming bill that I found that I was only getting 1gig with 500 minutes and 500 texts.  I contacted o2 through their 'Chat' option several times but found that, because they were separate companies (my translation) I would have to either; cancel the contract with the shop, under the 14 day (this was day 11) return policy then apply again through the o2 website (time constraints precluded this). Or I could complain to the shop and expect them to grant me a 'Loyalty Bonus' of the difference in price between the deal I got against the deal that I thought I was getting! Health issues forced me to discontinue any action, so I cannot say if either option would have been successful but I feel shouldn't have been made to jump through hoops to get what I was promised.



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Re: Ripped Off!

Well they aren't different companies but there are occasionally web only deals available.
You would have been given contracts to sign in store which would have highlighted the tariff you were signing up to.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Ripped Off!

They are not two different companies @Anonymous but sometimes the online store have offers available only if purchased via that route. Same with many companies really. Sorry you had to 'jump through hoops' though

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Re: Ripped Off!

It's a shame you weren't able to follow up on this by returning and cancelling within the 14 days. Many times the stores can't match the online deals but this should have been pointed out to you when signing.

It would be clear on the paperwork but if the unlimited is what you asked for then the sales assistant should have advised it wasn't available. 

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Re: Ripped Off!

You would have been told at the time of signing all the tariff details 

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Re: Ripped Off!

Perhaps you should register a complaint and see if O2 will offer the web deal you saw
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