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Some contradictions in the opening post.

Bought the phone unlocked but the sim is locked to O2 or the phone is?

Son says there is nothing wrng with the sim so it work in anotherphone

O2 is a rip off? Phone might be locked to O2 but if so its free to unlock....

Ebay scam?

Makes no sense I'm afraid. Something wrong with the keyboard too. Seems the cap lock button is locked to O2.

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@DO Did you purchase the phone from O2 directly or elsewhere 

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The way I've interpreted the OP's statement, is he hasn't bought the phone through O2, probably Ebay, and it was sold to him as an unlocked phone that would work on any network. But the phone is locked to O2.


If I'm correct, then it's the seller he should be shouting at not O2. Because he's been scammed; nothing to do with O2 at all.

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I'm playing catch up here, I dont think the phone was purchased from O2 at all...in which case it has nothing to do with them.


If the op @DO comes back and tells us where the phone came from,  we may be able to pinpoint the problem?

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Hi @DO, sorry to hear that you were having problems with your phone being locked - have you made any progress with this or are you still stuck? Please do let us know how you're getting on. Smiley Happy

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