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Reward Nominations for April 2018

Hey everyone, 


We're almost at the end of another month and its time for the O2 Community rewards! smiling


we ask the community to nominate content on the forum over the last month that made a good contribution to the community. Just like last month the focus is on guidesreviewsproduct testing and walkthroughs!


We've had a fairly quiet month on Community created content but there were a couple of posts that really stood out. 


@viridis's fantastically detailed S9 review was posted this month and I’ve heard from many members that found @Payforit_Sucks' post on avoiding premium charges very helpful!


Please drop me a PM or post below if you wish to nominate any content for this month’s rewards! wink




Martin, Marjo and Emilie 

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Re: Reward Nominations for April 2018

There can only be one this month for me.
viridi's S9 review is just simply outstanding.
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Re: Reward Nominations for April 2018

[ Edited ]

Totally agree it should be  Viridis's review on the S9. Particularly as it has had 32000 views in less than a month. That sort of viewing figure for a review has never been seen before on this forum. Outstanding piece of work and worthy of publication in my opinion Bow

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Re: Reward Nominations for April 2018

Definitely viridis' S9 review. It's the best review I've read. Samsung would be proud to publish such an outstanding review and I bet it would sell plenty of S9s. If I was looking for a new phone it would be the S9 based on viridis' comprehensive review.

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Re: Reward Nominations for April 2018

Crikey I didn't realise there"d be prizes - Are we talking Trips to Barbados or O2 mouse mats?


I'll write a guide for end of life Nokia Lumia upgrades to Windows 10. I was there at the begining with the Windows 2002 Orange SPV (HTC Canary) in 2002 so all be nice to see it through to the end in 2019. 🍊

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Re: Reward Nominations for April 2018

@viridis S9 review 

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Re: Reward Nominations for April 2018

@Anonymous The prize will be credit to your pay monthly bill or top up credit if you are on pay as you go 

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Re: Reward Nominations for April 2018

Only 1 in it ... @viridis's outstanding review of the S9

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Re: Reward Nominations for April 2018

@viridis S9 review.
his mentions must be going mad...

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Re: Reward Nominations for April 2018

Yeah ,pretty much.. lol