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Reporting a Very Dangerous Scam!

SCAM BE AWARE -> This number 01204918013. Called my mother claiming to be O2 they said they would "Send her a code to confirm it was them" They used her email to try to Reset her password and so O2 automatically sent her a code to her phone to change her password.


They must already had her email and phone number to do this.


She told them this code and they used this to get into her My O2. They then used the account to order 2 new iphone 12's to her home address. 


They also started whatsapping her with a logo of O2 attached to the above number. (Obvious Scam)


This is where the story ends as these ordered phones have not arrived yet. We dont know what they will ask for next. Possible for us to send them to them? 


O2 will never call you and ask you for anything. 

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Re: Reporting a Very Dangerous Scam!

@OWinter93 You need to report the incident and contact your bank. See this link: https://www.o2.co.uk/help/safety-and-security/phishing-and-smishing-advice


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Re: Reporting a Very Dangerous Scam!

If the phones have been ordered the scum would normally try to intercept them on the doorstep.

Hopefully O2 will sort all this out for her.

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Re: Reporting a Very Dangerous Scam!

That 01204 Bolton number is spoofed. 01204-918 numbers are not allocated to any phone/voip company and are protected.

So it's definitely a scam, scammers use WhatsApp because it's very difficult to trace them.

My partner received a letter last year from O2 about a failed direct debit, they've never been on O2 and O2 shut it down on the spot, this means the delivery of the phones were intercepted.