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Poor customer service Instore

I had a really good experience on the phone the guy couldn’t help enough, I decided to pick up Instore and that was where the nice experience ended.

The guy Instore had no time for me what so ever gave me the phone walked off to leave me to it. No option to help set up no coversation about accessories, was supposed to be talking about selling my old handset to o2 and that didn’t happen either. Just handed me the phone and walked off, it left me really dissapointed with the service as it’s a lot of money to spend each month, in the end I went to Apple store because the guy in o2 had no time for me what so ever. I just expect a bit more help and assistance reagardless of how much I’m spending
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Re: Poor customer service Instore

Hi @Dissapointed


This is not O2 you are speaking to but a customer forum and we are all customers like yourself.


I am sorry to hear of your bad experience instore. You're quite right that shouldn't have happened.


I will tag our Community Managers @Martin-O2, @Marjo and @EmilieT, one of whom will contact you to obtain a bit more information so this can be fed back to the appropriate people. However, they are unlikely to contact you before Monday, now.


In the meantime, have a good weekend with your new iPhone and welcome to the forum Welcome

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Re: Poor customer service Instore

Hi @Dissapointed

I'm sorry you weren't happy with your instore experience.


In defence of the O2 staff member, had you asked for help he would have given it.

It's not part of their job remit to help people set up their phones unless they ask for help and advice.


You opted for click and collect instore and in fairness that's exactly what you got.


Did you ask him about O2 Recycle? (Selling your phone to O2) If you didn't, then I'm not sure how you would have expected him to know this.


I'm sorry if this sounds a little harsh and I'm not unsympathetic to your plight, though I reiterate, had you asked for help, I'm sure he would have given it (or found someone else who could help you)


I've never been refused help of any kind at my local O2 store. There again, I always ask for assistance.


I'm pleased you got your phone set up via Apple though and hope you enjoy it...


Welcome to the forum @Dissapointed and if you need any more help or advice re your device etc, then please come back and ask here. There are many experienced people on the forum and they will be very willing to help you  Welcome





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Re: Poor customer service Instore

Not looking for sympathy just think that some of the staff Instore need some customer service training

Click or collect or buy in store I have just committed to a lengthy contract and have been with 02 for over 15 years

Maybe my expectations are a bit too high I don’t know
but I don’t expect there you go and walk off I could have asked for the help but I didn’t really feel valued as a customer

The guy on the phone couldn’t do more for me and I just think it should be the same in the shop regardless of how I ordered the phone

I will get delivered to door from now on
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Re: Poor customer service Instore

Anyways don’t worry it’s just my expectations you can take this down now
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Re: Poor customer service Instore


No need to take your post down.


You make a valid point from your perspective and I am offering an alternative view.

I don't work for O2 and yes, we do hear a lot of complaints about various aspects of their service.


However, I do maintain that had you asked for help, it would have been given willingly.

If they were extremely busy, they may have asked you to come back in a few minutes..


That's always been my experience when visiting an O2 store.

As you didn't ask for help then probably a presumption was made that you didn't need any?


Thats all really. I am simply putting my point across on behalf of the store staff. slight smile

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Re: Poor customer service Instore

The store was very very quiet

I could have asked and maybe should have asked
He was looking past me when I spoke to him I asked about the charge bank I ordered he said ring the helpline.
Yes I should have asked but I though as cutsomer service your job is to ask can I assist you with anything further.

Literally just handed me a bag and said have a good day
To me there’s here you go bye 👋🏻
At or work it’s called making it special and going the extra mile

Anyways I got it off my chest I won’t be going o2 store again delivery only for me from now on
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Re: Poor customer service Instore

[ Edited ]

@Dissapointed wrote:
Anyways I got it off my chest I won’t be going o2 store again delivery only for me from now on


I have used both, over the 20 years I have been with O2 - but I have found the staff in both the O2-run stores and the O2-franchise stores to be helpful, many times moreso than the people I talk to on the O2 Upgrade number these days.  


In fact, the O2-owned store near me could not beat the price for a PAYG handset for my (O2 as well) daughter a while back, to the tune of about £20 or so. So we hauled-ass downstares to the CPW store, bought the phone and the obligatory £10 O2 SIM there, and then scuttled back upstairs to the O2 store to get the number and balance remaining on the old sim transferred to the new one - O2 staff were more than happy to help, ringing up the O2 team responsible for such matters, and with a smile too.  The following month, the handset had dropped to the same price in the O2 store as it had been in the CPW store....


Who says competition isn't healthy?


Anyway - good luck with the next upgrade delivered to your doorstep.

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Re: Poor customer service Instore

It's the luck of the draw I suppose. Usually they don't go out their way to help if they are only there for the money alone and not the customer service per se. I had a couple of people in my local o2 shop be less helpful than they should be. 


It's not worth holding back sometimes and you should get things off your chest at the time.

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Re: Poor customer service Instore

Cheers for the mention on this one @Glory1


@Dissapointed We can certainly pass on your feedback if you wish. Just let me know which store you had issues with. Interestingly we just posted a store feedback thread so you can also contribute there if you want to expand on your feedback. 

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