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Paying too much for existing 'deal'



In need of some advice please.


I currently pay £47 per month for an iPhone 6S 16GB, with unlimted texts/calls and 6GB of data. I've seen recently online that O2 are offering the below deals;


  • iPhone 6s 32GB, with unlimted texts/calls and 12GB of data for £41 a month
  • iPhone 7 42GB, with unlimted texts/calls and 30GB of data for £48 a month.

My issue is that I'm clearly not getting a good deal here. I'm 12 months into my 24 contract and have been in contact with the online gurus who have basically said nothing they can do about it. I have been with O2 for over 7 years and the 'best' they could come up with for me to pay off my exisiting contract and recycle my handset to get a better deal. I think they completed missed the point and clearly have no loyalty to long-term existing customers.


Can anyone advise who I can complain to? Anyone else feel that they are being ripped off...?

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Re: Paying too much for existing 'deal'

Complaints on this link but you have been correctly advised as to your only options http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus
Deals change all the time and unfortunately you agreed to honour yours for 2 years.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Paying too much for existing 'deal'

You have been advised correctly & if you wish to get a better deal then recycle your phone to help pay off ff the remainder of the device plan then you can upgrade or sell your current phone & use the money towards paying off the device plan 

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Re: Paying too much for existing 'deal'

@Anonymous You signed a contract. A contract means that at the time you take it, you pay the amount you agreed to for a set period of time. You probably took that contract because it was the best deal at that time. If O2, or any other provider decides to better the offer 12 months down the line, and you signed for 24 months, that's not O2's fault or responsibiliity. You have the option of paying off what you owe and starting a new contract at the rate you like at the moment, but what makes you think that in 12 months time they won't make an even better offer? Will you think you were getting a bad deal then?


Offers and discounts change all the time. It's luck of the draw if you take one that stays good for the duration of the contract. You were advised correctly by O2, and the others who have replied here. There's no point in making a complaint. O2 publiish Terms & Conditions, and are within their right to make changes, even if it doesn't suit everyone.