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OnePlus 5T

I have been with O2 for over 10 years and I have been satisfied with the service I have received until recently. I currently have an O2 simplicity contract that I am happy with and I needed to purchase a new phone. After trying to purchase the OnePlus 5T phone from the O2 store, I was told that there were none in stock, so I decided to try online. Tried to purchase the phone several times on a pay-as-you-go contract on two different cards but each time the transaction failed due to my home address not matching the card. Phoned customer service to be told the only way to get the phone was to buy a contract and then receive the phone, keep the phone but cancel the contract. This sounded like a way of getting me into a long-term contract. My take on all this, is that O2 are not happy to sell the phone to a customer with an existing contract because they would like you to purchase a phone on an expensive two deal that cost more than the phone outright. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: OnePlus 5T

Many people have successfully bought phones on PAYG.
However, the online payment system is rubbish, so you’d be better off waiting for stores to get stock in.
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Re: OnePlus 5T

@MarkFarrimond  If you're happy with the contract you're on, why not just buy the phone from OnePlus directly? It's the same price. Doesn't seem to be any advantage to you to buy it from O2.


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Re: OnePlus 5T

And anyone of the advisers will sell you the contract irrespective of the phones being in stock. O2 do not have a live stock system and we have learned over the years that they do not carry much stock. 

My advice... as above, buy the phone anywhere they have them in stock or wait for store to get it for you. You may even end up saving money.