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O2 to be an MVNO?

So the Virginmedia/O2 merger has got the green light

It would appear that O2 will then be an MVNO?

I'm not liking that if that's the situation




The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has provisionally cleared the Virgin/O2 merger in the UK. Concerns over the £31 billion merger, which was first announced in May 2020, centred on its possible impact on the wholesale services segment, where the companies could raise prices for backhaul (Virgin) and MVNO partners (O2), but after an in-depth look the CMA concluded that both these wholesale service areas had other players on hand, so the merged entity was unlikely to be able to hike its pricing to disadvantage rivals. 

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Re: O2 to be an MVNO?

I didn't see the MVNO part coming?!

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Re: O2 to be an MVNO?

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Well, whaddya know? Just another tiddler in a very deep pond. 🙄

That's why Evans is going, I guess, not all-encompassing enough for him, effectively downsized...

Actually, reading it again, concern was that prices to those who piggyback on O2 could rise was the issue - I think it is unlikely O2's carrier status MNO will be reduced, but the statement indicates that those who leverage O2's network do not have to fear price hikes.

Still a reason for Evans to go, the licence to print money has been revoked 🤔


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Re: O2 to be an MVNO?

I read it the same as @pgn - the concern was that Virgin would raise prices for fixed line, and the o2 would so the same for MVNOs.

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Re: O2 to be an MVNO?

I don't know where you're gettiing the MVNO part from?


It says there are concerns that the combined company could raise prices for wholesale acces to Virgin fiber lines and for MVNO acces to the o2 network. As in the combined company could raise the MVNO rates for Tesco for example, not that o2 would become an MVNO.