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O2 service outage

No mobile data access since Tuesday (18/12/2018).


O2 service checker says a phone mast isn't working in the area (downtown London) for 3 days now.


Is it really taking 3+ working days to repair a phone mast? Ridiculous.


And O2 live chat isn't available too.

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Re: O2 service outage

@VertexX It can take much longer than 3 days. There are any number of reasons for it taking as long as it is, and O2 will not give a time frame for repair. The only thing in your favour is that they are aware of the issue. It will take as  long as it takes, unfortunately.Smiley Frustrated


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Re: O2 service outage

In my Country if there is an outage, they repeair it within a few hours, but never takes more than half day. They have to fulfill 98% availability put in the contract.


Funny that in a rich Country like the UK, they're unable to fix it.


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Re: O2 service outage

There is a lot of technology and equipment in each cell tower, some of which is made by manufacturers not in the UK and spare parts may not be immediately available, so depending on what the issue is and what is needed to fix it will determine how long it takes to get fixed.

But as @Bambino says, since they know about the issue they will be working on getting it resolved as quickly as they can
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Re: O2 service outage

Data still seems to be out in central London - can't get online at all. That's nearly a week - why has O2 not released any info about this???

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Re: O2 service outage

@DaveO you can check here https://status.o2.co.uk/

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Re: O2 service outage

Might be network traffic is impacting service.
Try dropping down to 3G to see if that helps.

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Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Re: O2 service outage