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O2's relationship with Apple

Just wondering if they have one any more ?


Apple Watch 4 - Nope - EE and Vodafone

Apple iPhone Xs Dual Sim (eSim) - Nope - EE and Vodafone


I love Refresh and dont want to leave, but seriously, I feel like I'm with a 2nd tier / class provider.  


Difficult decisions to be made before Fridays ordering scamble.



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Re: O2's relationship with Apple

Hi @AngryWarlock

Have you seen the Apple Megathread here....?


You could probably add your thoughts to that one?

*The Game Is On*

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Re: O2's relationship with Apple

@AngryWarlock If those factors are important to you & the signal coverage is good in your areas with those networks then you should decide to take that chance 

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Re: O2's relationship with Apple

Thanks for posting about Apple! We’ve locked this thread as we’re keeping the conversation in one place this year so please do drop in to our Apple Megathread linked above by @Cleoriff too and join the discussion there! Smiley Happy

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