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O2 refresh - expensive choice of tariff changes

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I joined o2 refresh last month and took a tariff with way too much data than I actually needed but was told that the tariff side of things is a 30 day rolling contract and that you can change up and down once a month if you need more or less data etc. If you pay off the device plan early you can cancel the airtime plan without any early termination charges etc, but you must keep a 30 day airime plan while ever you are paying the device plan and I understand that.

Today is the first day that I am able to change the airtime plan and am quite shocked to find that the choice I have is nothing like the 30 day plans that are listed on the website and the ones that I can pick from are extremely expensive for dropping down to lower data.  

1GB UNLTD mins and text for £20.50 astonished

2GB UNLTD mins and text for £22.55 dizzy

4GB UNLTD mins and text for £24.60 open mouth


The next ones are 15GB,25GB and 50GB but they go higher than my current tariff, which incidentally has gone up 67p but I was told that because I got mine in March there would be no RPI increase until next year


This is really expensive compared to some of the 30 day sim only plans that are advertised on the O2 website. It increasingly seems that PAYG plans offer more data/mins for less money than PAY Monthly across most networks not just o2.


I am now stuck with what to do to save a few pounds a month on my airtime plan because why keep paying to waste GB's of data you don't use but then why pay silly money for the amounts they are offering me.


I wasn't aware that by being on o2 refresh you would only be presented with a "few " tariff change options each month rather than being able to select from any 30 day tariff. It's quite disappointing really and now has thrown a spanner in the works as to whether to pay off the phone and leave for a cheaper deal elsewhere.I was happy to get a flexible option to get a new phone with the idea of a split bill but the tariff side of it has mad this fairly expensive if you have to pay over the top prices for data/mins and text pensive

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Re: O2 refresh - expensive choice of tariff changes

I've just recently paid off a device plan in order to get out of the poor value in tariff rates.
Once the device is paid off you can choose any of the SIM only plans.
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Re: O2 refresh - expensive choice of tariff changes

I absolutely feel for you, have been with 02 for 2 months 6 weeks of that without data despite a £37 a month bill.  I am going back to vodaphone but have just been informed that I cant have my mobile number back without paying them more money.


I am now stuck for 2 years with a **** tarriffe and phone and when i spoke to them they couldnt care less.


I will never ever use this crummy money grabbing firm again they are first class expensive rubbish.


To give you an idea, I pay £10 a month for vodaphone big value bundles and never ever run out of data.  Customer services at 02 think I have an amazing plan lol.

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Re: O2 refresh - expensive choice of tariff changes

So  I log back into my acct to opt for the cheapest tariff I can change to and now it says


Sorry, you can't make these changes at the moment, as you're within 24 hours of your bill date. You'll be able to make changes tomorrow or after your bill date.


What a joke - so tomorrow the bill is going to be exactly the same as last month but now 67p more and the allowances are going to refresh at their current rate and it'll be another month before I can drop down to a cheaper tariff. Since the 18th March I've been told I cannot change tariff until 17th April. 17th April arrives and I've had a window of about 2 hours to look at what's available and then all of a sudden told can't change anything because I'm within 24 hours of the billing date rage