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Re: O2 does nothing to deal with frauds, be warned

You need to be aware, the fraudster does not actually need to have the sim card to carry out his evil deeds.  Your phone number is also on the card that the sim card originally came attached to.  So if that was dumped or thrown away and the fraudster happened to pick it up, all a fraudster/hacker needs to do is use some special software to gain access to your phone/account details without you even knowing.  This could have happened before you took the sim card out of your phone.

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Re: O2 does nothing to deal with frauds, be warned

Everyone has your phone number. Everyone you’ve called , everyone you’ve ever given it too etc.
What you need to do is protect your own account with decent security, strong passwords and keep your antivirus software upto date and not clink phishing links in emails or texts and give your account details away for free.
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