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O2 Surprises

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I have received a box of goodies from O2 Surprises

Lots of techie things, which I no doubt will ask questions as to how to use them hahaha


A mystery box was opened slowly and carefully. It revealed a model of Degas The Little Ballet Dancer

I burst into tears at the kind thoughtful gesture. It is a piece of artwork I would never treat myself to

We discussed the work of art in the Art thread

I'm not very well at the moment, my hands are shaking so I am unable to take any photos of the contents of the O2 Surprises box

However, here is a picture

Thank you so very very much to @EmilieT  and the team for the thoughtful gift

It is in pride of place at the centre of the mantelpiece in my living room

*possum si vollo* *per ardua ad astra*

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Re: O2 Surprises

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Congratulations @WispaRed7 on your O2 Surprise. Well deserved. Enjoy the contents. I hope you`ll be feeling better soon.

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Re: O2 Surprises

What a lovely surprise @WispaRed7 

Hopefully you will be able to take more pictures and show us what else the box contained? heart

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Re: O2 Surprises

Enjoy your surprise Jane and hope you feel better soon.
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Re: O2 Surprises


That's great @WispaRed7 

What a nice surprise for you.... Enjoy it and hope you feel better very soon.

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Re: O2 Surprises

These O2 Surprises are great! It's a nice touch when its unexpected... pleased for you Smiley Very Happy 



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Re: O2 Surprises

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Re: O2 Surprises

@WispaRed7 What a lovely way to start the day - so glad to hear you received your surprise and loved it! Is there anything else in the parcel that caught your attention or did you have eyes only for the beautiful sculpture so far? Smiley Happy

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Re: O2 Surprises

What a lovely thoughtful gift.
Hope you are feeling well enough to take a picture soon, and that you enjoy it and the rest of the goodies.
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Re: O2 Surprises

Nice surprises are the best, @WispaRed7.


Well done O2, you've found a way of making people very happy, nice one @EmilieT and the gang! 

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