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O2 Courier are Rubbish

Sorry this is a bit of a moan!


on the 28th Feb I upgraded my wife's phone, normally I'd go into the store, but we had a busy weekend coming up so I thought I do it online. The actual process was easy, but the phone has been sat at the courier's depot in Snetterton since the 2nd and they've just text us to say it will be Wednesday. That's a whole week since I placed the order.


Now, I know the weather was bad the back end of last week, but the courier, DPD, has made 5 visits to my house delivering parcels from all sorts of businesses since the 28th, and I've seen numerous other vans going past my house to my neighbours, so its not that they cannot get to me. I also understand they may have a backlog, but it's not like it's a new kitchen, its a mobile phone for god's sake it'll fit in the drivers pocket, so it's not a lack of space on the van.


Worst experience I've ever had with O2, and it's not really their fault, I certainly won't ever use the webshop with them again.

Come on O2, give your courier a kicking, Amazon, Sonos and Ikea can all get to my house, from all over the country, but DPD can't get here from 30miles up the road, for 5 whole working days, that just sucks.



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Re: O2 Courier are Rubbish

DPD are usually the better ones too!
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Re: O2 Courier are Rubbish

DPD are usually the better ones too!

I can confirm that. I had a parcel from DPD this morning. I had an email stating it would be with me from

9.23 -10-23 am.  It came at 9.45am  They have never let me down at all

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Re: O2 Courier are Rubbish

Never had a problem with DPD myself. Can you not just arrange to collect it at the depot?

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Re: O2 Courier are Rubbish

I've had many parcels delivered by DPD and never had a problem. Maybe the problem is with this specific depot rather than DPD as a whole.

For example I had problems with Amazon Logistics' deliveries and made several complaints. They are now delivering from a different depot and no more problems.
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