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Re: No 3G or 4G in Oxford City Centre for the past year

Well Three is gettinng good TV coverage in ads recently. Apparently top of the best network poll.(according to the blurb at the bottom of the advert..) Of course they give no clarification that this is area dependent Rolleys

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Re: No 3G or 4G in Oxford City Centre for the past year

I was with O2. You could get a 4g signal on a bench in Queen's Street and that was it. I've just switched to Vodafone, also no city centre 4g and patchy 3g. The people in the shop said it's because of planning permission to put masts on the old buildings. Not sure how EE and 3 get round it. I would have gone with either of the latter, but both have terrible signal in East Oxford where I live, even for 2g voice, and O2 and Vodafone both have excellent 2g. i can get 4g at home on Vodafone - though I don't need it as I use home wifi.