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Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

Every now and then, you come across something that makes you look twice, makes you wonder and stare. it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it grounds you.

my last venture into the realm of Samsung phones ended with the Galaxy S3. since then i have had every Z class Xperia and long forgotten the Samsung way of running android.....

....So have Samsung by the looks of things.

to call this phone a breath of fresh life is the biggest understatement anyone could make, this phone is Samsung redefined to its very core, this is Samsungs finest creation and its rebirth into the grown up android market, and oh boy is it packing some serious guns.

powered by Samsungs 64bit octa-core Exynos powerhouse, partnered with Samsungs new über fast ram standard, and then slapped in a Sony IMX240 Image sensor, all pressed firmly behind a piece of 800 degree heated gorilla glass which is then pressed into a curved mold and then attached onto a super amoled 2k display which is then pressed on a single carved piece of top grade aluminum. it is mind blowingly unreal just how thin Samsung have managed to make this phone, and its so, so light.

but on with the show.......


That's ya box


and whats inside it (yes that's the xperia z4 wallpaper but it  goes soooo well). you also

get a super quick charger (like stupidly quick) and a funky pair of headphones that sound OK (more on that later)


2015-06-14 20.44.03.jpg

Unboxed and ready for play.. 

and as you can see, none of this pre scratched nonsense.

powering on the phone gives the usual android setup of around 5 minutes but also gives you the opportunity to select the exact Google backup to load, which apps to recover, and which password list to import, brilliant. you also have to add on another 5 minutes to setup your s voice commands, security and fingerprint recognition, all things considered, id rather do this on setup than muck around later on without a clue.




 so, we've got it out the box, we've got it set up and now to get rid of touchwiz as soon as possible, but wait, this isn't touchwiz as I know it, this is nothing like the touchwiz I have on my tablet or how I remember it from days past. It's more refined, more in touch with Android stock than I ever expected. It's almost like samsung have taken EVERYTHING  from Galaxy and rewrote the rules. The touchwiz ui on the Galaxy S6 is actually quite good, I knew where everything was and what to do right off the mark, and even if I didn't like the look of it all, Samsung have a skinning app to offer different themes to the OS.








I also love the smart manager app, using software by clean master,  you can use this to give the phone a good clean out if needed. 





this thing is fast, no forget that my old phone was fast, this thing is a new kind of crazy fast, on install  i did notice it lagging, i honestly did, of course at the time is was installing 120 apps from google and restoring my accounts and building caches. since then, not a single frame has dropped and not a single flicker of strain has shown. apps load in stupidly fast times and every single thing is reponsive in a way that is unseen by myself before. for the lolz lets benchmark it...


 and thats before everything has settled...



battery life

no two days of battery life here, you want an honest review and youre gonna get one. the battery is good, im going to get a full day and thats what matters, even with Xperia Z3 i was at 30% at days end with my usage but with this i suspect itll be nearer empty. but.... i know and understand that to drive that cpu and to power that gpu to 2k will take a LOT of juice, so the fact i even get a day is amazing, kudos to sammy for that imo.



Oh my, (btw for those who believe you cant see a difference between 1080p and 2k on a 5" screen, please continue to the next section as you're about to lose the argument) the screen on this phone is un-frikkin-real its just so crisp, so vivid, so so nice. the difference between the ips panel of xperia and the amoled 2k display is like night and day, text is almost like its printed by laser onto the screen, there is no pixellation at all and when viewing media on the device its a real mind **bleep** at how realistic 2k videos look. 


Screen (part 2)

The edges. I read a lot before purchase on how the edges weren't as drastic as the note edge, or how they weren't as functional. This is not exactly true, there is a menu setting to adjust and activate various edge features, night clock, news feeds, weather, edge alerts and priority notifications can all be turned on and adjusted from within the menu.



Sound quality is good, Samsung have really excelled when you consider it's a single speaker setup. Coming from front facing stereo I was worried on how bad the difference would be, it isn't,  it's loud, crisp and very good with its range. Basses are deep and miss and highs are well defined too. I was disappointed at the lack of audio options and control but, hey, it's Android baby, we have apps for that. I haven't really tried the odd freaky looking earphones that came with it yet but I'll update when i do.



Where to begin, it's hard for me, I take lots of pictures, I know a bit about sensors, and I find it hard to come from the 20.7 mpix Xperia Z3 knowing full well that same camera is in the Z3+/Z4 ..... how did Sony get the software for their own cameras so badly written? The camera inside the S6 is so good it's freaky, it (imo) outperforms the z1/2/3/3+/4 in every field and way possible only excluding very low light, and that kinda hurts to admit that. Anyway the S6 edge is fitted with a  Sony IMX240 sensor with 16mpix images available in all modes including quick auto. There are loads of different modes and a dedicated app store to download new optimised modes for the camera. 



Video records at the following resolutions: 4k, 2k, 1080p 60,  1080p 30, 720 720 60,  720p 120 and vga 640. Image stabilisation is provided by using an ois system for images and ois+ extra stabilisation for video.








Samsung said they went back to the drawing board with S6,  and oh boy did they. Gone are the bloated forced samsung apps, gone is the marmite flavoured version of touchwiz, and in their place is a rock solid, powerhouse of luxury. It's been a long time since I felt this awestruck over a new phone, I had got comfortable with the norm, I had just let my complacency decide my way....... just as samsung did. But just like samsung , sometimes you've got to go back to the drawing board to get something great again.


next is now.

2015-06-14 17.36.14.jpg

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Re: Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

Wow, amazing and well done mate Smiley Happy
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Re: Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

This could be one of the best reviews we've seen so far. Also, lots of gorgeous pictures Smiley Happy.

Nicely done @viridis
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Re: Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

And THAT is how to write a review in my opinion.

It is honest, personal and has sections that will appeal to all...from the techy bods....and the technophobes. I will not say I understand much of the tech speak, but thats my failing, no-one elses. You included pictures which is an absolute must for me. Presentation and layout were superb. It was more than interesting to read...and I have no doubt I will go back and read it again. Well done @viridis...a brilliant review about what appears to be an absolutely amazing piece of kit Smiley Wink

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Re: Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

Thanks for the amazing review, @viridis ! Loving the pictures too. Great detail and nicely presented. Smiley Happy

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Re: Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

Great review and it's very interesting when you compare it to the xperia z series. A joy to read and very informative ☺

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Re: Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

@jonsie wrote:

Great review and it's very interesting when you compare it to the xperia z series. A joy to read and very informative ☺

Xperias are what I know, going from one brand flagship to the other is daunting, even within Android. It was a hard decision to move but the two handsets I was looking at just seemed so much advanced it couldn't be ignored. I knew I made the right choice and the sheer excellence of this phone helped the transition. 

In the end the galaxy beat the G4 hands down, it wasn't even close. The staff at the shop allowed me time to mess about with each feature and the one area i thought the LG would win (camera) it didn't. On jpeg compression the galaxy is less brutal and the images are far superior. 

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Re: Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

[ Edited ]

As someone who spends a lot of time writing reviews (for vidya gaems tongue winking) I enjoyed your review.


I am also looking at getting a new phone soon (I am saving up to buy out on refresh). I was considering th next iPhone but from reading your review I may consider this device instead.


What I need to know is this.


When the phone is in a phone holder which you have in a car for example does the screen get pressed at the sides? I don't wan't to open up Waze put my phone in a holder and it get cancelled out by what it thinks is a button press.


Also, is the screen goign to be scratched easy? I am guessing there is no decent screen guards yet.


I did buy some screen protection liquid that was recommended on these forums and my lumia still got scratched by about an inch or so.

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Re: Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

I've got some curve formed screen protectors coming so that should deal with that. As for car holders, the aluminum is what the holder will grab as the screen is within it by about a mm, possibly done on purpose for this reason.

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Re: Next is now, the Galaxy S6 edge review.

so is it any good or not? lol!!