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New to the community

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Hi everyone I just join O2 and I know nothing about this community anyway I will ask a question if I have.
Thank you

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Re: test

Hi @Larry 


Hello and welcome. The o2 Community Forum also has other topics and discussions, if you have the time you are more than welcome to join in these discussions in "off topic"  they are very varied and you can also post one of your own "off topic" debates. Also there are puzzles and games too. Bye for now

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Re: test

Hi @Larry 

Welcome to the forum. Great to have you here Welcome

Anything you need to know, then just ask.

As @TallTrees  says, we have a very active Off Topic board here OFF TOPIC BOARD if you want to join in any topic.

Hope to see you posting soon Smiley Wink

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Re: test

Hi @Larry 


@Cleoriff and @TallTrees have pretty much said it all, so I'll just say welcome, pleased to have you with us and look forward to your posting when you've had a look around, got the lay of the land and have either something to say, or a question to ask.


So WelcomeWave

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Re: test

Hi @Larry 


Welcome to the forum.

As the others have said, have a look around. If you want to know more, or have any questions please ask. We were all newbies once (I`ve only been a member a couple of months but with such a friendly bunch on here soon settled in) and are here to not only help but to also provide a bit of fun and light relief.

Hope you enjoy your time with us slight smile


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Re: test

Welcome @Larry if you have any issues there is someone here at all hours to help or just to generally have a little fun or chat. 

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Re: New to the community

Hi @Larry  welcome to our community and thanks for popping in to say hello. Awesome to have you here! Smiley Happy

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