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NEEDED - UK dial tone whilst abroad

I need to travel abroad, I require for my dial tone to ring as a UK tone and not an international tone when I am away. I will be using my o2 mobile number and I have done a lot of research into this and it seems that there are not many options and not many current posts featuring anything.


Does anyone know the best way to do this - I am open to having a few steps as long as when someone calls me they hear a UK ringtone and not international whilst I am away. 


Forwarding to voicemail is not an option.


I'd appriciate any help/suggestions.


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Re: NEEDED - UK dial tone whilst abroad

@Sunday This is from an old thread. It may or may not work, and is complicated, so your decision to do it is entirely yours.

Solved: change ringing tone to the Uk one while abroad - O2 Community

These two links say it can't be done.

Can I keep a uk ringtone when i'm abroad so callers do not know I'm not in UK? - The EE Community

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Re: NEEDED - UK dial tone whilst abroad


The only way i can think of, as things have changed since 2017

Is forward your UK mobile to one of the VOIP services such as VoipStudio or Port5060 (both around £3.00 per month) and then use their VOIP apps to answer the calls .

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Re: NEEDED - UK dial tone whilst abroad

Thanks for your help. I've figured it out this way which incurs £5 a month fee.

Step 1
Purchase a Skype UK phone number (£5 a month)

Step 2
Set call forwarding on my UK O2 mobile to the new UK Skype number.

Step 3
Test 1 - Get someone to call your UK O2 mobile number and it rings with the UK dial/ring tone directly through to Skype App/desktop.

Test 2
I had someone abroad sign into my Skype app abroad and then followed the same call process and it still rang with a UK dial/ring tone.

So as long as I have connection to 3/4g or WiFi abroad on a Skype App or laptop all my call will come through with a UK tone.
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Re: NEEDED - UK dial tone whilst abroad

Well done for figuring that out @Sunday thumbsup

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