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Loving being back with O2 :)

Evening all Smiley Happy

Just spreading abit of positive feedback, as in this day in age, its so easy to spread negative feedback, so it's always nice to give good feedback when due Smiley Happy

Only joined back with O2 in December after a long 10 years or so.

Since joining I've loved every minute. The signal is amazing in areas I need the most, unlike EE who I joined back from.

I had a slight issue with WIFI calling but once I got in touch with the guru's over the phone, they sorted it very quickly and is working like a dream now. A few members on here were also very helpful with this issue too.

Lastly the service has been excellent and also I have have seen a huge decrease in spam calls since joining back with O2

A great move all round! Pricing is amazing. Coverage is amazing, and the service is top class Smiley Happy

One very happy customer Smiley Happy
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Re: Loving being back with O2 :)

Nice one @JamieB14 thanks for posting. @Marjo  and @Martin-O2  will be glad of the feedback 

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Re: Loving being back with O2 :)

A happy customer. They should put him in an advert.Mexican Wave


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Re: Loving being back with O2 :)

Nice to have you back @JamieB14  so Welcome again to O2 and the community forum Hero

*The Game Is On*

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Re: Loving being back with O2 :)

I read your topic earlier and realised today that I forgot to actually post my reply instead of just thinking it in my head. 🤦‍♀️ sweat smile Nice to get positive feedback indeed, thanks for taking the time.


Really great to hear you're happy being back with O2. Smiley Happy Happy to pass on your kind words to the business and don't hesitate to add if you have any additional feedback at any point!


Hope to see you around on the community too! thumbsup

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Re: Loving being back with O2 :)

Thanks @Cleoriff

Thanks @Marjo too Smiley Happy

I've missed the good service of O2 😀

Thanks to everyone for the kind welcome 😀