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Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

Morning all.

Bit of a rant, but felt the need to get it off my chest.

Last week I paid off my device plan and decided to take out a new iPhone X contract. I saw that O2 had an offer for free screen replacement and a yearly upgrade. The advertising just said “on the latest phones”, so i proceeded to put through my order with a 10GB data plan. After completing my purchase, I reviewed the invoice which made no reference to either promotion which I found odd. I received my new phone and decided to trade in my old device. The thought then occurred to me to double check what was happening with my promotions.

I spoke to a live chat agent, who explained the offers were not available on a 10GB tariff, but only on the 20GB tariffs upwards. I asked if the agent could upgrade me but he could not, but instead made a note on my account and told me to ring customer service as he could not process the transaction.

Fine, not a problem - so I thought.

I called customer services. I explained I had made a mistake and took the wrong tariff, and that I had indeed wanted to change to the 20GB plan to enable me to get the 2 offers applied to my purchase, and I confirmed I was happy to pay the additional £5 per month for that privilege. The customer service rep then said as I was within the 14 day cooling off period, I could do what I wanted. I was then put on hold for a few minutes, then when the rep returned, she said that in order to do this, I would have to terminate the upgrade contract, return my new phone (which I spent ages setting up) wait for that to process, then sign up for a new plan.


Surely this whole issue could easily be resolved with a bit of work on their system. Surely this plan to fix my problem would cost O2 more in their pocket by having to arrange return costs, and new delivery costs, let alone the value that must plummet off my existing device which they now want back and will surely make a loss on. And they want me to go without a phone until they can send me a new one?! How long would that be also?! With new stock of the iPhone X having an up to 4 week turn around on the O2 website store, surely I’d be without a phone for over a month! Lastly, I’d also definitely lose the additional 10GB O2 was offering upgrading customers?

Absolute joke customer service. Non existent customer service. In the 10 odd years I’ve been with O2, I’ve never seen such a ridiculous way of handling things.
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Re: Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

It’s ridiculous but unfortunately it’s the way o2 do it.
It’s not even going to work for you if your changed your tariff yourself in your MyO2 either as the offers only apply to the original tariff taken, not any upgrades once started.
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Re: Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

@AnonymousIt's a really long winded route causing customers time and effort. If you want to complain then follow the advice in this link https://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain

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Re: Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

The alternative would be to put the extra £5 into a savings account each month and then use that if you break the screen.

I don't know how much the X costs to fix but when I broke my iPhone 6 it was only £79 before they upped it to about £150.
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Re: Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

It's near 300 quid for an X display, 549 for the glass back (a 23 dollar part)
Apple care+ is a much better option than paying for data you'll never need just to get a single use repair by a third party.

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Re: Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

Sorry, 556 for the back glass !!

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Re: Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

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JESUS Viridis! are you having a laugh??? How can they possibly justify that??

I mean I'm not expert but now I can see why they've made them so fragile! Glad I went for the Galaxy note 8 rather than the X now!

I would agree that Apple Care+ is better or taking out your own phone insurance - I have combined insurance for my phone and ipad for £15 a month that covers accidental damage also.

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Re: Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

Even better and cheaper go for a full device flip style case and tempered galss screen protector. I did for my 7 plus and it cost £30. I've inadvertantly dropped it a few times with no dramas whatsoever a good investment. OK so no one will see your lovely new phone but then it'll save you a fortune and keep your phone looking as good as new.

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Re: Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

Cases are great if you want to protect you shiny investment . My 7 was in and expensive lifeproof case and now my 8 is in the same lifeproof case as it was the same size. (Lifeproof also offer warranty on the case ) 

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Re: Incredibly disappointed by O2 customer service

Watched this video last night.
Rather worrying that less than 5 drops broke both front and back on both the 8 and the X.
Given the cost differentials (500+ for a screen v <10 for a case) it really is a no-brainer...

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