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Huawei Gallery app

Anyone else got a Huawei phone?  If so, what do you think about the Gallery app?  I think it's absolutely awful.  Unlike other phones I have used, it cannot be limited to look for picture files in specific directories.  This results in pictures such as album covers from my music being picked up and mixed in with all my other pirctures, plus the "Magazine Unlock" wallpapers that come with the phone being added to.  Makes it really difficult to find pictures I've added or taken myself.



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Re: Huawei Gallery app

Hey @welshsteve76 , I've had an iPhone for many years so I'm just familiar with that one really. Would be great to hear from other Huawei users too on what they think of this gallery app? Smiley Happy


Is the gallery app the same for some other Android phones as well or is this specific to your current Huawei one?

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