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Great Service

Stephen in the Worcester O2 shop gave me excellent service when I went in to just look at prices for a new phone and contract. Came out with a new phone and airtime at a really good price and Stephen was even able to save me some money via my employer using O2 open which I didn’t even realise was possible. He did this whilst also training a new member of staff on how to use the till system. Very impressed on the level of service I received, Thank You
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Re: Great Service

Hi @mattgriffin165 

Thanks for posting about your great experience. I'm sure one of our managers will feed this back to Stephen for you.

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Re: Great Service

Hi @mattgriffin165 

Thank you very much for letting us know that

you have had great service from the O2 Shop

in Worcester, very good to know.

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Re: Great Service

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Re: Great Service

Just caught up with your post here @mattgriffin165 ! Awesome to hear about your positive experience with Stephen. Thanks for posting about it! Smiley Happy I'm going to drop you a quick private message here on the forum to get a few details so I can pass this on! Smiley Happy

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