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Google Pixel 4 pictured in new renders

We now have some detailed renders of the smaller pixel, once again courtesy of @OnLeaks after posting a batch of images of the Pixel 4 XL


Pixel 4 Renders


The new renders are all about the regular Pixel 4, but there are a couple that give us a perspective of how bigger the XL would be. It shows three camera cutouts on the left - two for the regular cams and one for the advanced facial recognition sensor. The earpiece, which probably doubles as a loudspeaker is in the middle and then there's a mysterious big hole in the upper right corner.



Rumor has it, Google will finally be implementing Project Soli into its hardware. That's a radar-based tech that can track fine and precise movements and gestures. It was first introduced at Google I/O in 2015. We are yet to see what this is all about.



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Re: Google Pixel 4 pictured in new renders

Thanks for sharing this @TheGreyApe - I had never heard of Project Soli before, but I can see how it could be very useful!

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Re: Google Pixel 4 pictured in new renders

Will 02 be stocking it so you think?
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Re: Google Pixel 4 pictured in new renders

Hey there,

We're not ranging the new Google Pixel 4 devices I'm afraid. We work with our vendors and suppliers regularly to update the portfolio of devices we offer our customers, and we have a great range of other Android devices here, with other exciting devices coming soon.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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Re: Google Pixel 4 pictured in new renders

So the OnePlus 7 pro and now the Google Pixel 4. Two highly anticipated phones by true mobile geeks. Reckon I'm leaving once my 3xl is paid. Unbelievable really.
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Re: Google Pixel 4 pictured in new renders

To be honest, judging by the mediocre reviews the GP4 is getting, I think o2 helped many people dodge a bullet by not offering the GP4.

I am disappointed with the lack of OnePlus though - I was tempted to go for it this year but I'll have to wait til next year and leave o2 it seems to get a decent handset offering.
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Re: Google Pixel 4 pictured in new renders


Have you seen this offering ?


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