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End my contract now?

Hi there after the problems yesterday I now have lost all confidence in 02 and I can not rely on them to provide me a service,I lost a lot of business yesterday as I use my phone and data to work from home I now want to leave....will o2 be willing to accept there mistake and prove this by letting me a long time standing customer leave - free of charge no charges.??please advise?
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Re: End my contract now?

Oh and before u try stalling facts , I have 12 months left on my contract where do I stand?
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Re: End my contract now?

Honestly, i very much doubt they will let you go as a result of the outage. it will be covered under their terms and conditions to give them a chance to resolve this and most likely you will not be entitled to any compensation. If you get given anything it would be discretionary.
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Re: End my contract now?

Pay off your device plan or up to end of contract and you can leave today, but that's the only way.
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Re: End my contract now?

The other point to note is that the Ts & Cs for a consumer (Joe Blogg's) contract is very different to a business contract - which you should be on if you are using your phone to run a business.
Best idea would be to contact your o2 rep or call 8002 to discuss it between 8am and 8:30am - although expect them to be rather busy...

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Re: End my contract now?

Sounds like another business running on a consumer contract..

as @MI5 says o2 will let you leave if you pay up, the remaining term and give 30 days notice
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Re: End my contract now?

Why would anyone want to leave after 1 days outage?. Remarkable overreaction. It could happen to any other network?

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Re: End my contract now?

Thanks for reporting issues with the network. As others have mentioned above, we have an official topic about this so we're locking this thread to keep the conversation in one please. Please use this thread for updates and to share your feedback. 




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