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Deposit Refund


I did a contract with O2 in December. I paid 200 pounds for deposit and I ask to O2 for refund this deposit on 14 April. Today 05/05/17 I still waiting for my deposit back.

They told me it will appear in my bank account in 10 working days and 14 has passed.


This is annoying cause I had to call them three times to get my deposit back, and I think would be another 4th


How can be possible with this big company?

Thank you

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Re: Deposit Refund

It's probably been added to your O2 account as a credit. Just means you'll have a few months of payment holidays. Id call 202 if you'd rather the refund made directly
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Re: Deposit Refund

Yes, probably, but I call them and they told me it would appear in my bank account, so I didn´t tell them I wanted that deposit in my o2 credit account. 

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Re: Deposit Refund

If its not showing on your account you really need to keep calling them I'm afraid. Also make a complaint, you may get a goodwill gesture for your problem. 


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Re: Deposit Refund

I called them 3 times, the last on monday and they told me that today I will receive my deposit. I still waiting for that.

Yes It's appears in my o2 account but I didn't tell them I wanted that. I want my money in my bank account.


I made a complain and a final request before legal action, cause this it should be resolved the last month, not in may 

Thank you

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Re: Deposit Refund

Hello @Anonymous

Is it all fixed now? Please let us know Help 

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