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Data dispute with O2 but I have now taken up with the ombudsman

A number of years ago back in the 90s data would come out of your free minutes this was the case with orange which was great also if you had a line to everyday 50 tariff as you were only paying third on the line 2 rental of the line rental 450 minutes data every day which is proximity 25 hours data usage a month on the Left Bank online to approximately £6 to £9. The good old days I hear you say and let me come back to that point. My data with O2 when it runs out it stops and then I'm charged if I request more at a very high price I'm on a 20gb tariff which I have been on for some time rich on O2 works out approximately 12 to 15 hours of YouTube. Like so when it's gone it's gone and often I buy more also increase my tariff to the 50gb which in turn are used more data O2 who are used one-and-a-half GB of data in a month for £75 however totally totally sporadic for which I never requested and they have not billed me for I had a rude member of customer service who is to busy filing her nails and chewing gum to lessen or even look at the strange rocks and Dames of the data and how it does not compare with my bills for the same. Period of time last of the good old days for the last two months I've been using three network oh my they are fantastic 100 GB of data 4 Less Than 20 GB with O2 and I didn't even use it all up and I have been been rinsing it as hard as I can every single app is on I'm using lots of videos YouTube music all the time streaming uhd TV totally mad that the amount of using it so why is it with O2 I have to have minimal apps data savers on make sure I close down my apps even switch off my phone then I'm told my data is running out sorry O2 I just don't buy it and if you gave me a break down then we could talk about it but as you won't and all your resolution is to slap £3.50 for a late Dale because I think you owe me money and I think we found stalemate look at the figures you can see they are wrong. Let me know if you're experiencing the same thing without two
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Re: Data dispute with O2 but I have now taken up with the ombudsman

I will edit this as Google typed it for me so some parts may send a little bit wrong
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Re: Data dispute with O2 but I have now taken up with the ombudsman

To get a breakdown of your data use you need to look on your phone. It will tell you which apps have used data and how much. The data counter can be set to coincide with your billing cycle and reset each month so you can track it accurately.
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Re: Data dispute with O2 but I have now taken up with the ombudsman

Have a look at your data usage then call them again. Not all the customer service agents are the same so you may get one this time who can explain your usage. 

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Re: Data dispute with O2 but I have now taken up with the ombudsman

You'll need to check on your phone which apps are using the data and how much, your useage will not be the same for each month regardless of networks, and if you're using apps like youtube they automatically serve the highest quality video your networks supports for speed so you may find in some areas O2 are faster than Three so youtube serves you full HD videos whereas three may be slower in the same area and only provide 480p.

There are a number of potential reasons for this, but only your phone can give you the indication of what is using most of the data.
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Re: Data dispute with O2 but I have now taken up with the ombudsman

Hello @Anonymous,

I’m very sorry to hear about your poor experience. Of course, I will send you a Private Message immediately to get more info just in case there's something we can do to help out. But as they said, technical problems are complex but maybe, with more info, we can get it fixed Good Idea


  • What phone are you using and software version?
  • Check the App settings which apps are using the data?
  • Anything different from before?


Thanks a lot @PhoneChanger@jonsie and @MI5 for the help. heart

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