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Can the community team please think about the following

I appreciate that this community is primarily for the discussion of o2 products and service to provide self help to other customers to potentially deflect calls etc (customer deflection) .

But lately so many silly posts are cropping up not related to O2 surely this just inflates the post count of the community and detracts from its actual purpose (many other places exist for chit chat etc)


I fear that the community is losing it value and that the team members should focus on the real needs of the community (o2 customers)  and not drive up the post count.


@MercedesS perhaps time for a rethink on some of the sections.

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Re: Can the community team please think about the following

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@adamtemp64  I agree with you to some extent...

However, many off topic threads are interesting and informative. We have Wantys.. our virtual bar which has been going for years...(a mod free zone normally) The Virtual Lounge for off topic chit chat.

I also enjoy posting medical innovations. I think they are informative....and often are very helpful to some members.

Not everyone is as technically able as others on here and certain aspects of Off Topic provide some light hearted relief.

I would also mention we have a very active forum with R.I.P threads and illnesses of well known people whose deaths shock us all... David Bowie, Prince, George Michael to name but a few....this helps people come to terms with the shock and is a way of dealing with it 

I don't agree with ALL Off Topic threads...but some are there for a purpose. Smiley Wink

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Re: Can the community team please think about the following

in fairness, these inflated post counts dont tend to change the dynamics of the forum. The whole point of off topic, is just that. 


I post now and again regarding o2 news, but no one has ever stated it detracts from the purpose of the forum. 

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Re: Can the community team please think about the following

Hi Adam ... if I'm someone you are levelling your comment(s) about may I say the following:

I ask technical questions relevant to my phone

Toby has told me via pm he'd like to see me on the Discussion & Feedback thread more ... & ... that I get people into conversation

I am generally found in Off-Topic ... eg in the Virtual Lounge ... posting News items ... Wanty's

I am a tech novice & imhho always will be ... but ... rely on this forum for tech info & have been taught here that Google Is Your Friend

I am on Facebook, but that is all eg not Twitter & I don't Tweet

I have kudo'd your post & others above ... because ... there is room for all of us members here on the forum to air their views ... & ... this topic seems to crop up from time-to-time

thank you Cat

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Re: Can the community team please think about the following

@adamtemp64 like @Anonymous I'm a tech novice and have asked questions relevant to my phone. I also rely on this Forum for tech information and news about new phones coming out. Because I'm not a tech wiz I tend to post in Off Topic on subjects I think are of interest to members of the Community.

I am not on any social media because I don't do anything that I feel would really interest anyone else and because I'm a very private person.

Like @Anonymous I feel there's room on the Forum for all members to air their views as long as they are not hurtful to other members.
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Re: Can the community team please think about the following

Hello @adamtemp64


Sorry for the later reply but I wanted to read other member’s ideas too Smiley Happy


About your feeling of the community losing its value because of the off topic, we really appreciated your feedback. The purpose of the O2 community is of course to help members with O2 issues but we also want to have some fun while doing it and that is why we have the off-topic section!!!!


In fact, thanks everyone for your imput on this subject. As you know, we’re constantly working on things to improve the forum and dealing with the various day to day issues that crop up for our members. These things will always take precedent over off topic posts, however we can still get some general conversations going Smiley Wink

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