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Calls which come through as 'Private'

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Private calls ...they're not necessarily ... spam / nuisance / marketing etc calls imhhe (in my humble honest experience)


Private calls can be from medical people at the town's GP Practice I go to ... but ... if eg the receptionist or an administrative person calls me the number will come through as the one which appears in the telephone directory & which I have in my phone contacts list


Private calls can be from the hospital eg in the town in which I live, or another hospital I go to ... as before, medical people come through as Private, reception come through as the hospital general 'advertised' number


The way the caller comes across is by saying eg Is this Jane ***** ... I've come to say ... Yes, I am Jane  ***** what is your name ? ... you get the gist by now ... = ... I get the caller to 'prove themselves' ... & ... respond accordingly ... I don't get my blood pressure to go up anymore ... phew ! ... by shouting & bawling back at the caller


Of course, if a caller is aggressive then I calmly end the call ... = ... I just can't be ars'd eg wasting my time on them


How do you handle Private calls ?




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