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Buying a phone

Is there any advantage in buying a phone from O2 other than being able to spread the cost over some time? I can afford to buy upfront, and it seems the phones that interest me are a little cheaper elsewhere.


I might go for an iPhone, as I am mainly a Mac user, and I am waiting to see what Apple's new phones are like, and their cost.


If I go with Android, I think it will be the OnePlus 6. So much cheaper than the iPhone and apparently an excellent phone. I wouldn't go for an Android phone if its price was close to that of an iPhone.

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Re: Buying a phone

I can highly recommend the OP6 and as a user of that and an iPhone 7 I can assure you the OP is so much better.
Apart from refresh you may also be entitled to a discount if you buy direct from O2
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Re: Buying a phone

@dancoYou will usually always find phones cheaper than O2 direct.

It really is up to you and what suits you as an individual.

My grandson bought the S9+ from CPW on the O2 network. It was £12 a month cheaper and they doubled his data from 15GB to 30GB.

He wasn't interested in Refresh so the double data was the selling point for him

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