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Better deals on other networks

Why is o2 so **** with there upgrade deals, I’ll be finishing my contract in December and going elsewhere
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Re: Better deals on other networks

O2 don't offer loyalty to existing customers they have a fair policy that all customers are treated the same

We always recommend you shop and go for the network that gives you what you require in terms of usage and network coverage
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Re: Better deals on other networks

Well there are better deals out there so shop around. Make sure that any chosen network gives you good coverage in your travelling ciircles though. O2 don't do loyalty I'm afraid.

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Re: Better deals on other networks

If you get good coverage with o2 and it is just the upgrade deals that are no good @Rob4, then consider going through a 3rd party.
Comparison websites are also very good to see what deals you can get.
But as mentioned by both @PhoneChanger and @jonsie, make sure that whatever network you choose gives signal in your most visited places.

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