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Apple Watch new series 4

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So once again O2 has been left behind now with Vodafone and EE able to use the new iWatch I think it’s time to jump ship as it’s clear now that O2 can not keep up with the tech!

Good job I bought my current iPhone out right so I am NOT locked to you.

Was waiting for the new iWatch and hoping O2 would work but nope disappointed again!

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Re: Apple Watch new series 4

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Yes you are correct about the iWatch 4 @MrBluePlaydoh

We have an Apple megathread running here if you want to post on that?


Welcome to the forum by the way Welcome

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Re: Apple Watch new series 4

Thanks for posting about Apple! We’ve locked this thread as we’re keeping the conversation in one place this year so please drop in to our Apple Megathread and join the discussion there!

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Re: Apple Watch new series 4

Good news @MrBluePlaydoh, the Apple Watch Series 4 is now available with O2! 


You can read all about it here wink

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